Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mrs. Blackner’s Newsletter

Math: In math we are starting to learn about Arrays. Students are starting into multiplication. This week we will be focusing on zero, ones and fives. We will start passing off to earn a Banana Split sundae. Our party will be set for the end of February.

Reading: Our class is currently reading George’s Marvelous Medicine as a class. This week’s story in our Harcourt series is called the “Rosie a Visiting Dog Story”.

Grammar: We have been working on dictionary skills to look up words with our new dictionaries from the Rotary Club. “Special thanks to the Rotary Club for giving students this gift.”

Science: Our class will start a unit on the moon. In the homework folder is a calendar for students to record the moon at night for the month. Calendars can be turned in on the last Thursday of the month with the reading calendars.

Computers:  Working on keyboarding, math facts, Reading Discovery.

Writing: Students are creating a Halloween Story that we will read to each other on October 30th. It will be lots of fun students may bring a flashlight for this activity.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

January newsletter

Mrs. Blackner’s
Happy New Year!
January Ar assembly scheduled for  Jan.28th.

We have lots of exciting new things to learn in the New Year.
Reading:  This week we will be reading the story called
“Papa tells Chita a story”.
Our class will be taking a dibels  assessment this week.
We would like students to be reading with 90 wpm.
Our class will be finishing up the book “Charlottes Web” as our read aloud.
We are excited to use the Ipods  in our reading groups.
Math:  Our class has started multiplication and we have passed
0,1,2,5,10’s. This  week we will be working on our 3’s. Please practice  multiplication  at home nightly.
Cursive: Our class has just started to learn cursive using the Zaner Bloser method. Students are learning the proper strokes and have been practicing letters i  and e. We will focus on new letters every week.
Science:  This month our class is starting a new unit on the six Simple Machines.
A special thanks to parents who have helped in our classroom this year.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 15th-22nd

Calendar Dates:
November 15th Newsletter coming home
November 17th Early Out!
November19th- Ar Assembly 10:45
November 23rd Thanksgiving Sing

 Math: In math this week we are reviewing Time and getting ready to take our test on time.
We will start our multiplication facts with 0 and 1's, 5s, 10s,
Please ask your students some questions using the clock.
We will be working with using the calendar in math.
 Reading: This week in reading our story is called The Story Julian Tells.
Vocabulary words: cartwheel,beyond,fastened,mustache,collection,seriously, 
Our class read is called Charlotte's Web students will take a test at the end of the story.
Computers: Our class will be discussing things we are Thankful for and creating a page in the lab this week.
Spelling words will be in this weeks homework folder.
Science: Students are learning the phases of the moon.
We have enjoyed having students from SUU help us with activities that go along with the moon.
Language Wall:  This week we will focus on the concepts of our language wall.
Reading Calendars and Golden Sneaker calendars are due at the end of each month.