Thursday, January 6, 2011

January newsletter

Mrs. Blackner’s
Happy New Year!
January Ar assembly scheduled for  Jan.28th.

We have lots of exciting new things to learn in the New Year.
Reading:  This week we will be reading the story called
“Papa tells Chita a story”.
Our class will be taking a dibels  assessment this week.
We would like students to be reading with 90 wpm.
Our class will be finishing up the book “Charlottes Web” as our read aloud.
We are excited to use the Ipods  in our reading groups.
Math:  Our class has started multiplication and we have passed
0,1,2,5,10’s. This  week we will be working on our 3’s. Please practice  multiplication  at home nightly.
Cursive: Our class has just started to learn cursive using the Zaner Bloser method. Students are learning the proper strokes and have been practicing letters i  and e. We will focus on new letters every week.
Science:  This month our class is starting a new unit on the six Simple Machines.
A special thanks to parents who have helped in our classroom this year.